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Why Bahrs?

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Friendly customer service representative on phone

Our history

We have more than 80 years experience in the tool and die business. In other words, we are here to stay.

Location, Location, Location

A progressive metal stamping manufacturer with expertise in multiple industries that isn’t an ocean away.

Price fairly and deliver more than our competitors.

We really want your business and we are willing to work to get it and work to keep it. We aren’t trying to impress you by being the cheapest. It is not good business sense. You want integrity and fairness from your vendor. That is our value proposition: Fair price, then we are going to roll up our sleeves and make sure the job is done right and your expectations are well exceeded.


Bahrs is a supplier for customers all over the world, widely recognized for:

High-quality products

From bare material to finished parts, we control the materials used in our die stamped products. An integrated approach and our commitment to best practices result in consistently high-quality die stamped parts.


Bahrs Die & Stamping helps our customers develop parts that meet their evolving needs. We supply a full range of die stamping services. In addition, our customers benefit from practical logistics solutions.

Design and Engineering

You can’t make great parts without great designers. And we have two of the best! Tim and Mike Klapper. Over 60 years experience, third generation owners, trained by the best: the original owner, John Bahrs, and their father George Klapper.

Customer Care

In a recent survey, customers tell us their favorite thing about Bahrs is that our employees care. This is reflected throughout our relationships, from the products we make to the promises made. Bahrs is family-operated, but to everyone here, it’s their company and they are proud of it.

Our customers are quality-driven companies who appreciate how well we know metal. Since we are not an ocean away we can react quickly to rush orders and design modifications. Many of our dies are designed with interchangeable parts. We always pass on our savings to the customer.


Our quality management system drives what we do, and how we do it, for every customer.

Business Practices

Today Bahrs still strives to employ the best business practices. We offer the optimum in quality, design assistance and delivery at competitive prices. By employing the latest techniques in lean manufacturing, updating our equipment and constantly looking for new ways to improve we’ve reduced lead time and introduced new products.