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You probably love all sorts of electronic devices. New smart phones, tablets, computers, and TVs seem to come on the market daily.

Add into the mix advanced Avionics, Audio engineering, Broadcast engineering, Computer engineering, Electronic engineering and technology, Marine electronics, Power electronics, and now Robotics. It can get confusing. From the latest Smart TV’s to waterproof smartphones, LED Lighting, and everything else that is fresh and new in the world of electronics.

Think that a company like Bahrs Die & Stamping has little to do with these high tech devices? The opposite is true. Our transformer components and power supply components are found in many of the latest innovative products of our biggest clients the world over each year. Transformer power supply and electronics customers come to Bahrs regularly for ways to streamline production and lower costs of a component or part.

We constantly reinforce our commitment to staying with the timeless concepts of quality, engineering, service, and cost-efficiency.  Understanding the latest transformer power supply and electronics trends is part of the way we keep tabs on how our technology customers are doing and the challenges they may encounter.

Advance thinking, cooperative design and expert, experienced engineering. Thats why Bahrs Die & Stamping is still going strong after over 80 years in partnership with our transformer power supply customers.

Our Transformer Hardware Catalog has grown to over 80 pages of products including custom & standard parts, brackets, covers, frames, outlet box plates, shields, washers, welding straps & progressive dies.