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Precision Stamped Parts

Since 1939, Bahrs Die & Stamping has maintained the viewpoint that tooling and parts be designed for manufacturing, assuring world class production in precision stamped parts. The expertise and commitment by Bahrs has enhanced our reputation of excellence in tooling and die stamping. Bahrs is strategically located in the Midwestern United States in the Tri-State region of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bahrs enjoys a world-class reputation. We supply a variety of OEM companies across a wide spectrum of industries such as Aerospace, Automotive, Power Distribution, Hardware, Electronics and PCB Components, Power Tools, Lawn & Garden Equipment, and more. Teamwork has consistently resulted in the ability to manage our customers expectations. We make certain product quality and timely delivery are never compromised.

Our production engineers have over 60 years of experience working with innumerable materials, distinctive specifications and high volume demands. Operating advanced die stamping equipment, using highly trained, skilled press operators and first class tooling, Bahrs Die & Stamping delivers the highest quality finished products. Our stamping capabilities run from small orders into the millions of parts. From simple designs to complex geometries with multiple intricate details.

Customers have remained loyal to Bahrs for over 80 years. Our business environment is based on a cooperative approach. For example, to meet client requirements with an annual contract we will maintain a 30-day inventory of completed parts available for shipment on a 24-hour notice. Other special requirements are considered on a case-by-case basis.

By maintaining a firm position of not compromising quality and operating under the principles of Zero Defects, Bahrs has maintained a 99.9% acceptance ratio.