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Brass / Copper / Alloys Stamping

Brass Stamping Applications

Brass is a ductile bright gold copper & zinc alloy. Because of its unique acoustic quality, brass stampings are often found in musical instruments. Due to antimicrobial qualities, brass is also suitable for some medical equipment applications. Brass has electrical properties making it an outstanding choice for electronic parts and lighting.

Some additional applications include:

Bahrs Die & Stamping makes precision brass stampings for a variety of industries. From selecting a brass alloy to manufacturing a finished precision part, Bahrs will work with you to manufacture a brass stamped part that meets your requirements.

Copper Metal Stamping

For over 80 years, Bahrs Die & Stamping has manufactured custom precision copper stampings for use across a wide range of commercial and industrial applications.

Often used for electrical and applications where thermal properties are a concern, copper and copper alloys are cost-effective, corrosion resistance and ductile making them suitable for stamping applications. Copper also has an attractive appearance and is used for some decorative consumer products.

Other potential copper uses:

We can make any shape from nearly any metal or metal alloy. Contact us to see how we can meet your brass / copper / alloys stamping needs.