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Bahrs Die & Stamping Transferring Ownership to Bahrs Metal Forming

Sept 2020 – Bahrs Die & Stamping Co. is in the process of transferring ownership to Bahrs Metal Forming, LLC, a new company that will continue providing stamping services to Bahrs’ existing customers, as well as new customers. The goal is to continue the excellent traditions established by the Bahrs Die, and ensure that the transformer industry, as well as others, will continue to have a domestic supplier for their unique stamped parts. By bringing together years of experience in both metal stamping and electrical component manufacturing, Bahrs Metal Forming is uniquely suited to serve the transformer and power supply markets.

Bahrs Metal has completed the purchase of the transformer components product line and more, and is now working hard to transfer the necessary tooling, machinery, and materials to their new location in Indiana. Their goal is to begin production in the new location by late October. Any open purchase orders that Bahrs Die has not yet fulfilled, will need to be re-issued to Bahrs Metal Forming, LLC, since they are two completely separate companies. New orders are also welcome, but be sure to issue them to Bahrs Metal Forming, LLC.

Please email POs to Pricing and delivery dates will be able to be confirmed in the coming weeks, after their production is up and running. Receiving your orders in advance helps in purchasing raw materials and scheduling production. Your patience and understanding is appreciated as we work through the transition. Bahrs Metal Forming is looking forward to working with all its customers for many years to come!