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Stamping Tool & Die Repair

At Bahrs Die & Stamping, a good portion of our work for existing customers has always been stamping tool & die repair, die revision, and die maintenance. From simple sharpening and reconditioning to complex die changes or repairs, our highly skilled team is available to diagnose problems and propose solutions for virtually any stamping die problem, regardless of who built the die. While our in-house Die Shop is maintained for our customer convenience, our Die Transfer Program can accommodate new customers with ease.

Having an in-house Tool and Die shop provides at least three significant benefits to our existing customers.

  1. First, the ability to build, maintain and repair your custom tools and dies in-house. This reduces our costs considerably, and those savings get passed on to our customers.
  2. Second, Bahrs Tool & Die experts are able to meticulously care for and maintain your custom dies, guaranteeing dependable runs, and superior quality parts.
  3. Third, Bahrs Die & Stamping is owned by highly-trained tool and die experts, with over 60 years combined experience who are hands on in house daily.

Our tool and die repair and engineering change capabilities include: