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Stamping Die Transfer Program

Bahrs Die and Stamping Company has a unique, quick and low-cost Stamping Die Transfer Program to allow manufacturers to cost-effectively meet their current production demands and/or grow their business.

For many companies lacking the internal human resources to maintain an older, underutilized, in-house stamping operation, tool transfers can serve as an ideal solution for achieving optimal production capacity and efficiency.

If currently relying on foreign stamping suppliers, the list of reasons can grow substantially. Foreign companies may be facing economic instability, increasing costs on shipping, delayed or inconsistent shipping schedules, and much more.

Bahrs makes Stamping Die Transfers simple and easy to accomplish.

To provide an accurate estimate, we need as much of the following as possible:

Common Reasons to Consider Die / Tool Transfers

With the proper advanced planning and circumstances, a successful stamping die transfer can be accomplished in just a few days, reducing production start-up time and avoiding production delays! To get started or learn more, call Larry Heuser today at 513-793-8100!