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Low Run Stamped Parts

Low run stamped parts that meet your metal die stamping requirements at the most economical cost.

From small, intricate parts to large complex metal die stamped pieces, Bahrs Die & Stamping is equipped to handle your low volume metal die stamping production needs.

We have metal die-stamping presses from 26 to 176 tons. Many are equipped with automatic coil-feeding equipment. These modern, high-speed presses enable us to use the latest metal die stamping methods in producing metal die stamped parts.

However, Bahrs can handle both low run stamped parts and high volume metal die stamping output to meet the most demanding metal die stamping production schedules at the lowest cost.

Bahrs Die & Stamping customers routinely transfer metal die tooling from other vendors or from in-house metal die stamping departments to resolve metal die stamping quality and delivery related problems. The metal die stamping processes and tooling at Bahrs Die & Stamping are designed around the needs of the customer.

When production metal die stamping volumes are high, then we will typically build progressive tooling.

When production needs are lower or multiple operations metal die stamping tooling is appropriate, that’s what we build. We are flexible in our metal die stamping approach.