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Bahrs Updates Entire Plant With New, More Environmentally Friendly Lighting

Bahrs Die & Stamping Company takes the commitment to a sustainable planet seriously.

In their ongoing efforts to contribute to a sustainable and green environment, during the months of November and December 2014, Bahrs Die & Stamping retrofitted the lighting in their entire plant and offices. The existing old eight foot, double T-12 bulb fixtures were retrofitted to accommodate 4-bulb, T-8’s with new reflectors and ballasts. This resulted in cutting total wattage in half, yet realizing dramatically improved light levels. Other benefits include:

Environmental Impact / Corporate Social Responsibility

By consuming less electricity, we have reduced our electrical load, thus reducing the demand and associated emissions from “off-site” power generation. These lighting upgrades were undertaken to keep up with community and customer environmental expectations.

Improved Lighting, Improved Productivity and Safety For Our Employees

Brighter illuminated facilities contribute to improved productivity, fewer pulling or picking errors in the warehouse environment and a safer workplace for our employees, especially around tow motors and manufacturing equipment.

Less Taxing On Air Conditioning System

Today’s T8 linear fluorescent high bays operate hundreds of degrees cooler, saving on A/C bills and providing our employees a cooler working environment.

Reduced Energy and Maintenance Costs

According to the Energy Savings Cost Council, energy-efficient lighting upgrades represent the highest return on investment of any single-technology project, with an average ROI of 45 percent. These upgrades can pay for themselves in as little as 2.2 years with the payback continuing over the lifetime of the system through reduced energy and maintenance costs.

Staying Competitive

The improved productivity, positive impact on employee moral and cost savings realized will also help Bahrs stay price competitive.

A local, Cincinnati-based manufacturer provided the lighting materials for the upgrade. TechBrite has been operating in the Cincinnati area for over 25 years. In 2009, two friends, Brett Heekin and Dave Brown, purchased TechBrite with the idea of expanding the company’s footprint from a regional to national company. The Saint Bernard based company has tripled its warehouse and production space and is now shipping product nationally.

“Retrofitting current lighting fixtures, as Bahrs Die and Stamping did, is a great way of increasing the energy efficiency while not disturbing the existing housings and electrical wiring. It’s like putting a new, high efficiency engine in an old car,” according to Dave Brown VP of TechBrite. “Whether replacing or retrofitting, new technology generally reduces the wattage of the older technology in half while providing improved light levels,” Brown added.

Incidentally, many of the component parts for the retrofit kits were stamped parts made by Bahrs. The lighting industry is just one of many business sectors where parts and assemblies are supplied by Bahrs Die & Stamping.

Installation of the upgraded lighting kits was performed by Brennan Electric of Cincinnati, Ohio. Brennan is an industrial electrical contractor with experience in multiple industrial projects include multiple Manufacturing facilities.

“Our work has included industrial warehouse lighting and electrical wiring capable of meeting the demands of high energy industrial equipment. As we did at Bahrs Die & Stamping, we perform Commercial Lighting Retrofits with Duke Energy Customer Rebates”, said Ken Henry of Brennan Electric. “We are proud of the work we have completed at Bahrs and welcome you to view our portfolio of other work we have completed over the years”.